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Indica is known as marijuana and it has a high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Sativa is good in providing a psychologically stimulating experience. Experience such as self-analysis, more in-depth and reflection.


Hybrid is the mixture of indica and sativa. It features the characteristic of both sativa and indica and thus making it one of the best weed.

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WPPA is a trusted weed online provider in Canada. We are the number 1 weed online provider in Canada.

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We focus on four element which are People, Product, Quality and Customer Oriented.


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We provide almost all kind of weed related product in our online store. All kind of weed variety such as indica, sativa and hybrid are available here.


Ensuring our product quality is always the most important goal in our store. Our weed flower is freshly harvested from our cannabis farm in Canada. Also we will ensure that every product’s quality is checked before it is delivered.

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We practice “customer always correct” mindset and we will always listen to the feedback from our customer. Our online store product variety is based on customer’s favourite.


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