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Frequently Asked Question:


1. How to purchase?

3 Steps to purchase weed from us!

2. Is there any minimum purchase?

There is no minimum purchase restriction on WPPA online cannabis store.

3. Can we see our order’s progress?

Yes, you can see your order’s progress on your account. Anything will be in transparent with our customer.

4. Can I refund the product?

Yes, you can refund the product if the product is spoil. However, it is subjected to our terms and conditions.

5. Can I propose a weed product if it is not available in WPPA online cannabis store?

Yes, you can. Kindly contact us to describe more about it.

6. What is the payment method?

Currently, we are only supporting payment via direct bank transfer. We will soon add more payment option such as paypal, visa credit card, master credit card, american express credit card and many more.

7. Can my order be cancelled?

Yes, you can if the item has yet delivered our carrier. Once, the item is delivered to our carrier, you may need to contact us immediately.